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Welcome to the Maastricht Student Law Review

The official student law review of Maastricht University's Law Faculty 

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About MSLR

The Maastricht Student Law Review was born of a merger of the two English language student-led Law Reviews at Maastricht University. Formerly known as the Atlas Law Journal and EMaas Law Review, the leadership teams of both journals came together in the 2022/2023 academic year with the idea of collaborating to create the official student-led Law Review of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University.


The Maastricht Student Law Review is committed to providing a platform for students in Maastricht and beyond to publish their works. We aim to provide UM students with the opportunity to develop writing and editing skills and contribute to academic discourse.

What we do

Biannual Publication

MSLR publishes a law review biannually: our Winter edition is published in January and our Summer edition in June. The review focuses on the topic of International, European, and comparative law. MSLR offers authors at UM and beyond the chance to be published in a quality, peer reviewed journal. The journal is student-led and student-run, but operates under the auspices of the Maastricht University law faculty and has access to a staff advisory board. ​​

Weekly Blog

The MSLR Blog offers an exciting opportunity for students interested in writing short pieces on contemporary legal issues to publish their thoughts.


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